Destination information

There is a marked boating lane just off the coast of Byö island. Visitors to Bockhamn Bay should note that access to the bay is gained from a surprisingly narrow channel and can even go unnoticed without precise knowledge of its location. The water depth is 3-4 metres in the strait. Bockhamn Bay is slightly shallower, with a depth of 2-3 metres at its centre. The bottom of the bay is soft and muddy. The Uuvi outdoor area consists of two sites that adjoin the bay. The sites have jetties, which make mooring easier. Bockhamn is also suitable for paddlers and even offers shallow beaches for landfall.


Although access to the area is not unobstructed, mooring at the jetties is quite easy. Visitors who intend on exploring the island on foot should note that the walking tracks are narrow and include rough terrain.

Additional information

Bockham was still inhabited by permanent residents up until 1990. Today, all that remains are summer houses. Bockhamn is a popular legs on boat tours through Gulf of Finland.