Destination information

The easiest approach to Bredholmen is from the western side, where the water depth is 4.2 metres.

The shoreline around Bredholmen is rocky and visitors are recommended to moor at the mooring rings and buoys on the southern side. The use of anchor is not allowed because of an underwater cable.

There is an information board at the south end of Bredholmen, as well as a campfire site and dry toilet.

Tirmo harbour has visitor amenities and is approximately 7 kilometres to the north-west.


The recreation area is not unobstructed, and the terrain is rough across the island, with fallen trees that make it difficult to walk in some parts of the forest. Mooring sites are situated on a sloping rock.

Additional information

The nearby Uuvi recreation areas are Brokholmen 700 metres away to the west and Norra Sandö 2 kilometres away to the south.

You can find a water depth scale on the vertical face of the southern shore cliff. The scale has been an important aid for boaters approaching the island for many years.