Destination information

The recreation area consists of Byxholmen and Lilla Byxholmen, which are divided by a narrow shallow strait. Byxholmen is easy to approach via the adjacent waterways. Sommaröstrand is 7 kilometres away and boasts excellent services and amenities, including a shop open all-year-round. To Rödjan wilderness hut in the Ekenäs archipelago national park is a 5-kilometre onward journey. Byxholmen’s mooring buoys are located on the northern side of the island, between the island and the northern end of Lilla Byxholmen.

All visitor services are to be found on Byxholmen’s main island. You will find a campfire site, dry toilets, sauna, a firewood shelter, and a well on the northern side of the island. The other campfire site is located in the western part of the island and offers visitors an enchanting view of the strait between Byxholmen and Lilla Byxholmen. The easiest place to enjoy a swim is the water near the island’s sauna.

Byxholmen’s sauna is open all-year-round and it is self-service. You can reserve a sauna turn by registering in the sauna notebook, which can be found in the letterbox attached to the sauna building. Please note that sea water must not be used in the sauna as it rusts the stove. The well water is intended for use in the sauna but is not suitable for drinking. Please get to know Uuvi’s sauna regulations.


Access to Byxholmen is not unobstructed due to its topography and terrain. The walking tracks are narrow and go through woodland and pass by the sloping cliffs.

Additional information

The potholes that punctuate the track toward the campfire site are remnants of a time when the Finnish defence forces were present on Byxholmen.