Destination information

Along the Pähkinäpolku trail, there are a couple of benches, two picnic tables and a jetty by Lake Kurkistonjärvi and an observation platform in the coastal meadow by Lake Kalljärvi.

The Eerikinpolku trail introduces visitors to Koski-Navala’s flora and fauna and its past and present day. The area features protected buildings and cultural landscapes as well as nature conservation sites. The area is mainly owned by the Municipality of Kirkkonummi.

The trails are intended only for walking, not for cycling or motor vehicles. Please stay on the marked routes and respect the surrounding nature. The properties are occupied. Please do not trespass.


Pähkinäpolku trail 4.4 km
The trail starts at Eerikinkartano manor’s salt barn. The trail runs via the shores and forests of Lakes Haapajärvi, Kurkistonjärvi and Kalljärvi and returns to the salt barn. There are 19 site info boards along the route. The Pähkinäpolku trail has been marked with blue stakes.

Eerikinpolku trail
The starting point is at the yard of Eerikinkartano manor, but you can walk the route starting at the Navala end too. The route runs along trails and small roads on the shores of Lake Haapajärvi in the landscapes between Eerikinkartano manor and Navala manor. The route has been marked with red stakes.


The trails are easy to walk but not accessible with a wheelchair. The Pähkinäpolku trail is challenging at a couple of steep places. There are duckboards or gravel paving in wet areas and wooden stairs at some of the steep sections.

Additional information

Eerikinkartano manor is located in the area.