The waterfront walkway extends from Saunalahti to Ruukinranta. There are almost a hundred interesting attractions along the route of which more information is available on the waterfront walkway app.

The walkway also offers a convenient gateway to Espoo’s magnificent archipelago on board archipelago transport.


The walkway is accessible in parts. The walkway’s accessibility has been improved with electronic supplementary information on the accessibility of the walkway itself and any important services along it. The brochure features a map with the different sections of the walkway and their gradients. There are benches for resting and admiring the scenery along the way and near-by, for example, in the harbours.

Additional information

There are numerous cafés and restaurants near the walkway. Some of the fantastic destinations along the route include Nature House Villa Elfvik and Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tarvaspää.

The Finnoo and Hanikka nature trails are also along the waterfront walkway.