Destination information

Visitors to Gölisnäs can even arrive with a larger boat thanks to the water depth of 8 metres at the area’s jetty. The recreation area’s services and amenities can be used by boaters and visitors arriving from the mainland. Drivers are advised that the cable-ferry takes a couple of minutes and is followed by a 4-kilometre gravel road drive to Gölisnäs.

The services are available every day in summer and during weekends during May and September. For the season 2023 services are closed.

Small sauna, jetties, jetty electricity, parking areas, cooking shelters and dry toilets are in common use. Some of the buildings in the area are in private use during season 2023.

Jetty electricity fee: 3 €/day, payment FI63 5723 0210 0290 00, Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys, reference Gölisnäs.

Small sauna is self-service. You can reserve a sauna turn by registering in the sauna notebook, which can be found in the letterbox attached to the info board next to jetties. Please get to know Uuvi’s sauna regulations.

The road to the area is closed during winter time.


There are no services for visitors with additional mobility requirements or unobstructed routes in Gölisnäs. The walking tracks on Gölisnäs are narrow and the terrain is rough. There are also several steep inclines. For visitors arriving by boat, mooring is relatively easy at the Gölisnäs jetty, which is quite close to some of the services and amenities.