Destination information

The ferry to Harakka leaves from Ullanlinna jetty in Kaivopuisto (Ehrenströmintie 3 00140, Helsinki). The timetables and prices for the ferry are available on Merekävijät ry website LINK. You summon the boat by lifting the white sign.

The island’s landscapes vary from alder groves to coastal meadows and dry grasslands and marshy rock ponds. The species on the island have arrived there carried by the wind, the sea, birds and people all the way from the Russian steppe.

There are four protected areas on Harakka, one of which has been given its status due to its birds and the three others for their plant species. Visits to the island are strictly on the conditions of the birds, which means that, at times, some routes may be closed due to nesting. When exploring the island during the nesting season, it is advisable to avoid too close a contact with the barnacle geese and common gulls zealously guarding their eggs and chicks.

You are not allowed to bring dogs on the island.

The Harakka Nature Centre is open to everyone from the start of May to the end of September. In the summertime, there are many events and expeditions on the island. Nature classes for Helsinki schools and adventure trips for day care groups are also organised on the island.

Up-to-date information on the island is available on the website of the party responsible for its maintenance.


There is a nature trail and a geology-themed trail around the island. The texts at the control points can be read on a mobile map. The trails can be covered in any order or just partly.

Harakka nature trail, under 1 km.
Harakka geological nature trail, under 1 km.


There are no accessible services on the island.

Entry to the ferry is not accessible. Some of the roads on the island are easy to walk and many sights can be access with a pushchair. The nature trails run in part also on paths, outcrop and duckboards.