Destination information

The island is ideal for those who enjoy outdoors activities, travel by sea and want to camp. The island is located in Sipoo, 5 km from Vuosaari. The City of Vantaa owns over 8 hectares of Krokholmen, but there are also private properties on the island and their privacy must be respected. Some of the island’s eastern shores are protected during the nesting season of seabirds.

There is a beach, a cooking shelter and toilets on the island. Long-term camping is subject to a charge. The recreation area has a well whose water is drinkable once it has been boiled.

Additional information

WARNING! Vessels travelling in and out of Vuosaari Harbour can cause strong currents and sudden changes in water levels on the shores of Krokholmen. The phenomenon may be dangerous to boats moored by the shore or children swimming on the beach.