Destination information

The Luukki recreation area includes numerous signposted routes. The longest one of them takes the visitor past seven ponds, and a few of the shores include cooking shelters for heating your picnic.

Recreational fishing is permitted in the area’s ponds and lakes, which have natural fish stocks. Kaitalampi and Halkolampi offer opportunities for catching rainbow trout and other game fish, but for that you need a Luukki fishing permit.

There is also a swimming beach on Lake Luukinjärvi.

In the winter, the routes in the area are made into cross-country skiing tracks. Up-to-date information on the quality of the swimming waters and condition of skiing tracks.


There are signposted routes in Luukki of which 15 km have a stone dust surface and 7 km are natural. In the winter, the trails are turned into tracks for classic-style cross-country skiing.

Luukkaa nature trail:
There are two trail alternatives to choose from: a 9-km and a 6-km trail. The start of the walk is the same for both. Along the journey, hikers will find nature trail signposts marked with a pinecone symbol and a numbered information board at each sight. The route runs along the recreational trails and is mostly easy terrain with a couple of steep hills. The trail provides information on the surrounding forest nature, its management and conservation and introduces the local history.


The area is not accessible. The majority of the area’s routes run along a trail with a hard surface, but they also include steep climbs.

Additional information

There is a café in the Luukki manor, where you can also book the local sauna for hire.

Luukki also features a camper van site.

Luukki is one of the recreation areas in the Nuuksio lake district, which also includes Vaakkoi, Salmi, Yli-Takkula, Karjakaivo, Kattilajärvi, Pirttimäki, Oittaa, the Sorlampi nature trail and Nuuksio National Park.