Destination information

The western shore of the island is rocky and steep. Therefore it is easiest to land on the jetty or beach on the eastern side.

There is a simple campfire site next to the jetty. At the moment no firewood is brought in by Uuvi so visitors have to bring their own firewood. The buildings are currently out of use.

The currently ongoing development project will turn Ollisaari into a high quality, easily accessible year-round destination suitable for a variety of user groups. The jetty, campfire sites and dry toilets will be repaired or replaced in the near future.


There are currently no accessible facilities at Ollisaari. Paths are narrow, informal and sometimes steep, and they cross through forest and rocky terrain. There are steps leading up from the jetty.

Additional information

Ollisaari has long been an important outdoor destination for the people of Lohja. The Liessaari outdoor recreation area and nature trail are only a stone’s throw away and well worth exploring.