Destination information

Pihlajasaaret is a group of islands formed by Itäinen Pihlajasaari, Läntinen Pihlajasaari, Vadelmakupu and a group of small islets. The islands’ nature and history can be explored on a two-kilometre nature trail.

Both islands have cooking shelters. The islands have several great swimming spots and sandy beaches. There is also a nudist beach on the island.

Camping is permitted only on the camp site on Itäinen Pihlajasaari.

There are 24 mooring arms and 21 buoy moorings in the harbour and the equipment for emptying septic tanks. The price for an overnight stay for boats and campers is €17/night.

The bird stock on the island is diverse. The islets are protected during the nesting season, 1 April – 15 August. Landing on them is prohibited during that time.

Topical information on the quality of the swimming water is available here.


The Pihlajasaari nature trail is 2.8 km long: The nature trail covers both the western and the eastern island.

The section on the western island is 1.8 km and 1 km on the eastern island. The trail includes difficult rocky sections which have not been signposted. Please note that rocks can be slippery in wet weather. You can also skip the rocky parts and just follow the paths.


The area is not accessible but some of the routes are easy to walk.     

Additional information      

The sauna on Pihlajasaari is available for hire.

Restaurant Pihlajasaari is open to visitors.