Destination information

The Pirttimäki lodge to the north-west of Lake Bodomjärvi is the starting point for the trails to Brobacka, Solvalla and the Luukki recreation area. In the winter, there are cross-country skiing tracks in the area. The recreational routes are also suited to mountain biking, and numerous small paths criss-cross the area.

The Pirttimäki lodge has a café, where you can also enquire about hiring sauna facilities.


Recreational routes: 20 km of signposted routes of which 16 km are along stone dust trails and 4 km on natural trails. In the winter, the trails are cut as cross-country skiing tracks for classic style skiers; the longest track is 8 km and shortest 3 km, the connecting routes: Pirttimäki – Karjakaivo – Solvalla, 7.5 km and Pirttimäki – Luukkaa, 8 km; nature trails 5 km, a fixed control point network for orienteering.   


The area is not accessible. Some of the tracks have a stone dust surface and are easy to walk, although they do also include long and steep uphill sections.      

Additional information     

The City of Helsinki bought the forest holding known as Dahlbacka in 1946. The area soon got its Finnish name of Pirttimäki.