Destination information

Hikers must remember that the vegetation is prone to erosion. Thus, visitors must keep to the signposted paths. Pets must be kept leashed, and cycling is prohibited.

The nature trail can be accessed from the end of Jokitie road and next to Pitkäkoski bridge. The distance to the nearest bus stop at the Ollaksentie and Isonmännyntie crossing is approximately 1 km.

There is a picnic table with benches along the route and a viewing platform for admiring the river scenery.


The nature trail is a kilometre long. There is an information board at both ends of the trail. There are stairs on the steepest part of the route.


There are no actual accessible services in the area. Stairs have been provided. However, the terrain is easy to walk.

Additional information

The Pitkäkoski nature reserve continues on the other side of Vantaanjoki River in the northern parts of Helsinki Central Park. The other side of the river features the Haltiala route and Pitkäkoski cabin.