Destination information

There are many trails in the Porkkala area, including three marked routes. The Vetokannaksentaival -trail leads to the northwest of the area, the Telegrafbergetin lenkki -trail climbs up to the highest vantage point in the area, and the Pampskatanin pisto -trail leads to the rocky shores at the southern end of the recreation area. The trails have campfire sites and dry toilets. Visitors are kindly asked to stick to the marked trails to prevent ground erosion. Unobstructed vantage point (Haahka) is reached by following the marked route.

The whole Porkkalanniemi area is in the process of becoming a nature conservation area and some parts of the area are already protected.

In Porkkalanniemi outdoor recreation area short overnight stays are recommended only near the official campfire sites. In Lähteelä outdoor recreation area there is a small fee for camping.

The roads and parking areas are maintained during winter time.


The Haahka rest area is located in the western part of the Porkkala cape and provides an unobstructed vantage point served by a road. The viewing area is approximately 100 metres from the car park, which has an unobstructed dry toilet. The campfire site Haahka itself is not unobstructed.

The other trails in Porkkala are hilly in places and also go over sloping rocks, which are slippery when wet.

Additional information

The Porkkala cape recreation area consists of the land owned by Uuvi/Metsähallitus and the cities of Kirkkonummi, Vantaa, and Nurmijärvi. The area is maintained by the co-owners year-round. The nearby Lähteelä recreation area is owned and maintained by the city of Helsinki.

The state-owned area of Porkkala cape is in the process of becoming a nature conservation area, which will include the Uuvi area. Some of the municipally owned areas are already nature conservation areas. The soon-to-be nature conservation area is already marked on the area map.

Uuvi does not maintain any of the maritime areas in Porkkala.