Destination information

The Salmi area has numerous marked routes ranging from under a couple of kilometres to ten kilometres. Cross-country skiing tracks are cut in the area when there is enough snow. You can also rent a fatbike in Salmi.


24 km of sign-posted stone dust tracks, also suitable for cycling and wheelchairs, 3 km, 4 km, 6 km and 10 km natural paths as skiing tracks in the winter. 

Salmi nature trails

Kartanotonttu trail
The Kartanotonttu trail is 1.5 km long and marked with orange. It travels through diverse natural habitats each inhabited by its own fairy-tale creature. The route also goes past activity grounds, a beach and a campfire site. The trail finishes at the playground locate behind the outdoor lodge.

Paavo trail
The Paavo trail (1.6 km) is marked with blue. It runs in coastal, meadow and forest landscapes with a picnic site in Lammasniemi. The Paavo trail is designed for school kids, families and older people. It is fairly short and easy and is also suited to slower walkers.

Tapio trail
The Tapio trail is 10 km long and marked with green. You can either walk the entire trail or take a short cut at Iso-Parikas. The Tapio trail travels through forest, bog and coastal landscapes. The campfire site and swimming spots are on the shores of Iso-Parikas and Pikku-Parikas. The Tapio trail is meant for active and fit walkers of all ages, and it is easy to walk throughout.


The routes travel mainly along solid recreational tracks/skiing tracks, but the terrain is hilly and some of the climbs are long and steep.

Additional information

The Salmi recreation area has a café, Nuuksion pohjoinen portti. Lake Salmijärvi has a sauna with a fireplace lounge as well as a lakeside sauna, which offers an opportunity for ice swimming every day in the winter. The area also features a camper van site.

Salmi is one of the recreation areas in the Nuuksio lake district, which also includes Vaakkoi, Luukki, Yli-Takkula, Karjakaivo, Kattilajärvi, Pirttimäki, Oittaa, the Sorlampi nature trail and Nuuksio National Park.