Destination information

Sarvikallio is situated on the shores of Lake Tuusulanjärvi and is easy to reach from many directions. It is only a 30 minutes’ drive from central Helsinki.

Sarvikallio can also be reached by public transport. The nearest bus stop is approximately 1.7 km away on Paijala school. The nearest railway stations are Järvenpää and Kerava, and busses leaving from the stations take visitors closer to Sarvikallio. The HSL Journey Planner provides precise information about public transport options.

Sarvikallio is also a good destination for cyclists. Cyclists can even take their bikes on the local trains. It is 8.5 kilometres from Järvenpää railway station and 9.5 kilometres from Kerava.

The easiest way to get to know the versatile area is the Seittelinreitti trail, which takes visitors through woodland and open landscape to the Sarvikallio cliff before continuing onto the lush groves and old forest landscape of the southern parts of the area.

Seittelinreitti is a 3.7 kilometre long circular route marked with an orange colour. The route begins and ends in the parking area. A clockwise direction of travel is recommended in order to follow the signs.

The route is easy to access but is steep in places. The route has a hard-gravelled surface.

The Seittelinreitti route is accessible for multiple means of travel. Cyclists are kindly asked to consider other route users and to ride at an appropriate and considerate speed.

The Sarvikallio scenic lookout can also be accessed directly from Sarvikalliontie road (0.6 kilometre). The road is signposted and easy to access but has some steep hills.

There are two campfire site at the top of Sarvikallio. A firewood shelter and dry toilet are nearby. In the area is also an unobstructed toilet. Steps lead down from the top of Sarvikallio to the shore of Lake Tuusulanjärvi. There is also a small dock.

The top of the Sarvikallio is a nature conservation area and visitors are kindly asked to stay on the main trails there. Camping is not allowed within the nature conservation area of Sarvikallio (see the map for area boundaries) but following the Everyman’s right, you can camp elsewhere in the recreation area.

The parking area and road there are maintained during winter time.


Sarvikallio is an easy trip destination and has something to offer for all sorts of visitors. Visitors should note, however, that the area is hilly. There is disabled dry toilet in the area.

Additional information

Lake Tuusulanjärvi is Uusimaa’s county lake and provides many recreation and cultural experiences close to the capital region. A popular cycling route goes around Lake Tuusulanjärvi and there are many services along the route. More information about the route is available on the Visit Tuusulanjärvi webpage.

In the early 1900s a thriving artist community resided along the opposite shore of the lake and included the painters Pekka Halonen and Eero Järnefelt and the composer Jean Sibelius among others. Sarvikallio has been a popular place for picnics since that time, with artists and their families enjoying outings on the cliff they called ‘Little-Koli’ and capturing the beauty of the scenery in their artwork.

The Sarvikallio recreation area is maintained and improved by Uuvi together with the municipality of Tuusula. The nature conservation area at the top of Sarvikallio was a birthday present to Finland, when the land celebrated its 100-year Independence Day in 2017.