Destination information

Sipoonkorpi National Park spreads across three municipalities – Sipoo, Vantaa and Helsinki. Sipoonkorpi is a favourite destination amongst outdoor enthusiasts, and the most popular parking areas can get busy. Outdoor services and car parking are available at different parts of Sipoonkorpi, and you can also choose various different stating points for your outing when travelling on public transport. Thus, it is worth investigating different ways to approach Sipoonkorpi’s wilderness and hiking trails. 

The bus stops and links to the HSL app can be found on the map.

The largest car park along Knuterisintie road accommodates 160 cars. All the car parks along with instructions for getting there are available on the map.

You can walk, ski, row, canoe and cycle in Sipoonkorpi National Park. When cycling, you must use the clearly visible trails and take other visitors into consideration.

The national park is a nature reserve, so the freedom-to-roam rights do not apply there. You must always study the area’s rules and regulations before an excursion to Sipoonkorpi National Park.

It is also important to check any up-to-date notices regarding Sipoonkorpi National Park before heading on an outing there.


Byabäcken nature trail
Length of the trail 1.4 km, as a loop 2.1 km. Marked with orange tags along the route.

The nature trail travels through Byabäcken’s forests and along fields and finishes at Länsitie road from where you need to walk another 700 m along the road to the car park (please do not take a short cut across the fields).

Kalkinpolttaja nature trail
The length of the route is 4.8 km. Marked with green and white tags along the route. The trail travels through challenging terrain, the steepest sections include stairs. The route goes through field and forest landscapes and includes a traditional limestone mine and farmland. Historically, limestone burning and mining has been common in the area.

Tasakallio – Storträsk – challenging accessible route
The length of the route is 1 km each way. The wide gravel trail starts from the car park and travels through forest landscapes to the Storträsk shore. There are gentle slopes along the route.     


There is an accessible cooking shelter, an accessible woodshed and a wheelchair friendly toilet at the Storträsk shore. There is a challenging accessible route from Tasakallio car park to the Storträsk shore area.      

Additional information

The Kuusijärvi recreation area is also a good starting point for Sipoonkorpi, and from there you can access the national park along an impressive pedestrian bridge.