The Sorlampi nature trail can be accessed along Nuuksiontie road, from Hakjärventie road or from the Pirtinmäki recreational routes. The car parks are along Nuuksiontie road and next to Nuuksio Lodge. There is a gravel path from the car park along Nuuksiontie road to the nature trail. From Nuuksio Lodge, hikers need to first walk along Hakjärventie road to the connecting path leading to the nature trail.

You can eat your picnic and build a fire at the Sorlampi cooking shelter.


The Sorlampi nature trail is 5 km long.
The Laihalampi route is 2 km long. The routes have been marked with yellow and signposted.


The trail is rocky with exposed roots and duckboards in places, so it is not accessible with a wheelchair. In damp weather, the trail can be very wet.