Destination information

NOTICE! The jetty has moved from it’s place. Pay extra attention when you attach your boat to it.

Stora Brändö is close to the Porkkala cape in Kirkkonummi. The neighbouring waterway has a depth of 1.2 metres. The water to the south and east of the island is shallow and there are groups of underwater rocks to watch out for. The west shore of the main island is cliff lined and the water there is deep enough for landing. Mooring rings area available at these points. There is a sheltered bay to the east, which boasts a concrete jetty and mooring buoys. If the winter sea ice is strong enough, Stora Brändö is a nice long-distance skating or cross-country skiing destination.

The easiest way to get to know Stora Brändö is to walk the track around the island. The southern part of the island track leads hikers to the bird watching tower, which offers visitors the opportunity to observe nesting birds in the nature conservation area. The conservation area includes the southern part of Stora Brändö and the surrounding islets. Landing boats on nature conservation area is not permitted during the bird nesting season (1 April to 31 July).


There are no unobstructed services in the area due to its topology. The tracks are narrow, rocky, and there are a lot of exposed tree roots. Visitors should also note that the surface rock is slippery when wet.

Additional information

As a part of the Porkkala area, Stora Brändö was also leased to the Soviet Union after World War II, between the years 1944-1956.

There are ruins of a fisherman’s cottage and garden on the north end of the island. In summer, Viola flowers blossoms all over the old garden.