Destination information

The Uuvi recreation area is bounded by private summer cottages on both sides.

There is a waterway on the northside of Stornäsudden, which has a marked depth of 3.5 metres. Landing is easiest on the northeast side of the recreation area, where there are mooring rings. Boats must be securely moored owing to the nearby waterway.

Emäsalo is also reachable by road from the mainland thanks to the bridge. There is a narrow maintenance road from the parking area to the campfire site. The area’s information board, dry toilet, and wood shelter are all at the end of this road. The campfire site is less than 100 metres away on the north slope and offers nice views of the sea.

Uuvi’s area borders on private sites, which privacy must be taken into account.

There is no winter maintenance on the area.


There are no unobstructed services on Stornäsudden. The campfire site is close to the parking area but the route there is steep and rugged.

Additional information

The nearest Uuvi recreation area is Varlaxudden in Emäsalo. The Mäntysaari island recreation area is approx. 800 metres to northeast and is maintained by the city of Porvoo.