Destination information

Uutela has high nature value; its scenery is impressive, and it is a geologically important area. There is also a World War I artillery bunker in the middle of Skatanniemi.

You need to stay on trails, particularly from April to July. Särkkäniemi to the west of the Skata farm is a nature reserve and cycling in the area is prohibited. The area’s diverse woodlands, which are in a nearly natural state, can be explored on a nature trail.

Fires can only be made in the cooking shelters marked on the map. Both the Nuottaniemi and Niemenapaja cooking shelters are close to the sea. If you want to make a fire, you have to bring your own coal or firewood. The Skata farm has a closed hut which has a fire pit and is available to the public during weekends.

Up-to-date information on the island is available on the website of the party responsible for its maintenance.


Uutela’s figure-eight-shaped nature trail consists of two routes of different lengths of which you can cover just one or both. The route has been marked in the landscape with signposts and white and green ribbons.

Forest and farmland route 2.5 km: The starting point of the route and the information boards are located along Uutelantie road, approximately half a kilometre from Uutela’s main information board.

The Kluuvijärvi lakes and coastal meadows route 1.5 km: The starting point of the route is located next to the Särkkäniemi nature reserve car park, approximately 1.5 km from Uutela’s main information board.

Secret Skatanniemi route 2 km. The route or the control points have not been marked on the terrain. The final part of the route is difficult outcrop which is very slippery in wet weather.          


The area is not accessible but most of the routes are easy to walk.

Additional information

Aurinkolahti beach and Café Kampela are located next to the area.