Destination information

There are endless unmarked paths in the area which visitors can follow with nothing but their imagination and skills as the limit. As you wander along the forested paths, you will find the Karjakaivo recreational area to the south and Luukki to the north.

Kämmenlampi has a lean-to for six, which is available for everyone to use. Toilets are located by Vihdintie road and next to Saarijärvi beach. Up-to-date information on the quality of the swimming waters.

Up-to-date information on the area is available on the website of the party responsible for its maintenance.


The area is not accessible.

Additional information

The bothy by Vaakkoi pond is available to the members of Helsingin Latu.

Vaakkoi is one of the recreation areas in the Nuuksio lake district, which also includes Luukki, Salmi, Yli-Takkula, Karjakaivo, Kattilajärvi, Pirttimäki, Oittaa, the Sorlampi nature trail and Nuuksio National Park.