Destination information

There is a track leading from the both parking areas to the seashore. A dry toilet and firewood shelter are beside the tracks. On the south side of the area, the track divides at the firewood shelter and continues approx. 300 metres along the seashore to Fågelboet cape. The cape offers amazing views of the sea. The sea around Varlaxudden is shallow and rocky and is not suitable for boating or paddling.

Uuvi’s area borders on private sites, which privacy must be taken into account.

The parking area and road are maintained during winter time.


Services on the north side of the area unobstructed. From the northern parking area leads an easy route (350 meters) to the seashore, where you can find shelters and fire place suitable for everyone. Otherwise the tracks on the area are narrow and stony. There are some hills and the exposed surface rocks are slippery when wet. The outdoor recreation area is quite small and the distance from parking area to seashore is only 150 meters.

Additional information

The Uuvi recreation area of Stornäsudden is also on Emäsalo island.