Destination information                        

The car park for Vuosaarenhuippu has two visitor centres in containers, which provide information on the area. There you will also find parking information boards, a toilet as well as picnic tables. There is an 800-metre signposted route from the car park to the starting and end points of the nature trails where a man-made passage built using natural stones towers. The stone passage is meant to only be admired as the walls do not withstand climbing.

Vuosaarenhuippu boasts versatile flora and fauna and several bird species nest in the area. To ensure peace and quiet for the birds and other animals in the area, we recommend that you stay on the trails.

Cycling is not suited to Vuosaarenhuippu for various reasons. Many of the routes are narrow and rocky. Erosion can cause landslides and the paths are not easy to repair. Cycling is prohibited on the nature trails.


There are two nature trails in the area.

Jukan jäljillä trail, 1.3 km: The route takes the hiker to enjoy open views at the highest point of Vuosaarenhuippu. The route includes altitude differences, and the paths are in places steep and rocky.

Pirjon polku trail, 1.1 km: The route takes the visitor through the imposing passage and lush meadows. The route is fairly even and easy terrain.             


The area includes both accessible maintenance roads and rocky and narrow paths.