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Uusimaa outdoor recreation areas

Easy decisions and endless opportunities – here you will find information on the versatile recreation areas in Uusimaa conveniently in one place. The areas included are Uuvi recreation areas and Espoo, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo, Vantaa and Vihti sites as well as Metsähallitus destinations.

The selection includes both inland forests and lakes as well as rocky islands and sandy beaches by the sea. The areas and their services are suited to versatile outdoor activities from barbecuing to trail running.

Areas on the map

Refreshing winter!

Being outdoors in winter is refreshing! Extra layers for stopping for a break and hot drinks warm you up even in the coldest of conditions, and the darkness will not catch you unawares if you carry a head torch with you. On milder days, good choice is to wear clothes with a membrane protecting against moisture, appropriate layers, and waterproof footwear with spikes.

Destinations marked with a snowflake are maintained through the winter. All of the areas has no actual winter maintenance of the trails but hikers trample the snow along the paths making the routes walkable. However, when the snow thaws and re-freezes again, the paths become slippery, so winter hikes call for an open mind and attentive attitude.