The refurbishment work carried out at Palakoski Outdoor Recreation Area is almost complete. The improvements will bring more opportunities for outdoor people to enjoy nature and particularly the area’s impressive scenery and flowing waters.

There are two signposted routes in the area. The Palakoski trail offers a great route for exploring the wilderness around the recreation area and admiring its cliffs, boulders, crooked pine trees, rapids and lakeside. The direct route to the Mummusali cliff is signposted from the car park. It will take you to the top in time to admire the landscape in the colours of the sunset even after a workday. Both routes lead to Palokoski Rapids where you may also meet the white-throated dipper during winter months.

The stairs in the area where refurbished to improve safety, and benches were added to Mummusali for people to admire the scenery opening out to Palojokilaakso valley. The car park has an up-to-date info board and a toilet.

The area has charmed visitors to such an extent that there is an immediate need for expanding the car park. We are aware of the issue, and extensions will be built as soon as possible. There is another temporary parking area on the crossing when Palakosken metsätie turns toward the outdoor recreation area. From there it is still 400 meters to the beginning of the routes and infoboard.

Those hiking in Palakoski will need to be prepared to bring a cold picnic or their own camp stove, since the area has no campfire site or firewood service. Towards the end of the summer, explorers can fill their picnic baskets with natural bounty, which in Palakoski means at least bilberries, bog bilberries and funnel chanterelle.