We have initiated the development of recreation services for the seaside area in Sandfjärden. The development work is part of the Everyone’s Sandfjärden project (Sanka), whose aim is to make the seaside area an even more well-run and attractive place to visit taking into account the needs and wishes of different groups of visitors. The project’s development measures protect the area’s environmental, landscape and recreational values and guarantee a safe and pleasant experience for visitors. Accessibility and taking into consideration the opportunities for applied outdoor sports play an important role.

Sanka continues Kopparnäs-Störsvik’s development project, which established a general plan for the development of the recreation and nature conservation area as a whole. Sandfjärden is important as one of the hubs in the recreation area.

The Sanka project is funded as part of the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014–2020; the funding has been granted via Leader Pomoväst. The project’s implementation period continues until the end of 2021.

Improvements in the area

The project will oversee the building of new structures for recreation, signposts and parking for Sandfjärden’s seaside area. Furthermore, the area will be landscaped, and other nature management measures will also be taken. The project includes two campfire sites for the area of which one will be wheelchair accessible. The accessible campfire site will also feature two accessible shelters, which will work as picnic areas and offer protection from the weather. The area’s woodshed and toilet will also be wheelchair friendly.

The final section of the accessible path leading from the cliffs of the southern part of Kopparnäs to Sandfjärden will be re-routed.

The area will also feature an information board with a map of the entire Kopparnäs-Störsvik area
and its services as well as information and guidelines for visitors. There will also be signposts to the services in the area. Information will be available in a variety of languages. The aim of our communication is to guide visitors to observe the values of nature, stay safe and to offer general guidelines for visiting the area.

Parking in the Sandfjärden Recreation Area will be provided in a car park approximately 150 metres from
the seaside. Traffic management measures will guarantee straightforward and safe access to the area. The parking arrangement and traffic management will take into account buses. Those arriving by car will have an opportunity to stop briefly closer to the seaside, for example, to drop off passengers.

Further information:
Field Manager Mikael Avellan
tel. +358 (0)40 745 3295

Specialist Silva Sallamaa
tel. +358 (0)50 373 7450