Following the coronavirus guidelines and sunny weather at the weekend, people were inspired to go out in great numbers and some of Helsinki region’s outdoor sites became overcrowded. Uuvi’s recreation areas include many alternatives for the best-known destinations. We have put together examples of our outdoor areas for those locals looking for ideas for excursions. Some of the sites are more remote and less well known and some have already become firm favourites.

Please remember that you should keep sufficient distance to other hikers, for example, at the campfire sites. The best thing to do is to pack a picnic, which you do not need to cook on a fire or bring your own camp stove with you.

Kopparnäs-Störsvik recreation area boasts magnificent undeveloped shorelines, rocky forests and campfire sites. There are several car parks in the area. Kolaviken and the water purification plant are located in Störsvik and Sandfjärden, Rävberget, Bergudden, Sandarbukten, the guest harbour and car park for the nature trail in Kopparnäs.
Rävberget, Bergudden and Klobbackantie car parks in the Kopparnäs-Störsvik area are often busy, so we recommend that you use one of the other car parks.

Piilolammi is part of the wider Kytäjä-Usmi outdoor recreation area. The Uuvi area has a campfire site and the Kytäjä-Usmi trails continue through the area. The recreational map for the area includes all the trails and car parks. A separate brochure is available for the Piilolammi nature trail.

Palakoski recreation area’s revamped routes have already charmed many visitors. There is no campfire site in the area, so you need to bring a camp stove, if you are planning on cooking your picnic items. The area has become so popular that an extension for the car park is already underway.

In Korpudden, visitors have the opportunity to admire the steep cliffs and the magnificent scenery over Lake Lohjanjärvi. There are two campfire sites in the area.

By Lake Onkimaanjärvi, visitors can enjoy the ancient forest feel and unwind at the campfire sites by the lake.

The Myllyjärvi outdoor recreation area is perfect for hikers who know how to orienteer and wish to prepare their picnic using their own camp stove or enjoy a cold picnic.

Lappohjanranta captivates visitors with its sandy dunes and the scent of the sea. Visitors can also get a sense of the area’s military history. Hikers should prepare a cold picnic because there are no campfire sites in the area.

And don’t forget these either
The Nuuksio area is not limited to the National Park; you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the lake district in Helsinki City’s recreation areas such as Vaakkoi, Luukki and Salmi, which are located in the northern part of Nuuksio by Vihdintie road.