Which destinations are accessible to you?

Uuvi produces detailed descriptions of its destinations to accommodate accessibility

Text: Jonna Saari / Finland, naturally

A hiking destination that is easy for one person may be too difficult for another. Uuvi produces material covering its around 40 areas for its website to help visitors determine if a destination is suitable for them or not.

Each individual is the best judge of their personal abilities, and accessibility is not a black-and-white issue. In the future, you will find comprehensive information about the accessibility of each area from Uuvi’s website.

Uuvi will produce a thorough description of each area with for example photos, texts and video clips of the most challenging parts of the trail for our website. This way, everyone can easily assess which destination is suitable for their personal abilities, and which is not.

We will produce material as we go through our area. At the same time, Uuvi will work on making the areas more accessible if possible.

More trails and services to come

In the future, Uuvi will invest in marked trails even more than before. When new trails are created, we will add information about how accessible or easy they are to our website.

The destinations will also get new signposts that are accessible for those with colour vision deficiency.

Uuvi has a new outdoor infrastructure collection, and little by little, these new structures will be added to our areas. The first new structures have been built on Piilolammi in Hyvinkää. Together with the city of Hyvinkää, Piilolammi has invested in accessibility: the trail has been improved, a new bridge has been built, and the campfire site is now also accessible for wheelchairs.

Let Uuvi know about your wishes

Visitors’ experiences, observations and wishes are an important tool for Uuvi to make its areas and trails more accessible. Please, send your comments and improvement suggestions to uuvi@uuvi.fi.