You can book a sauna shift by writing it down in the sauna book. A sauna shift must be booked in writing even if there are no other boaters around.

A booking can be made only by a visitor moored in the harbour. A person moored in the harbour cannot book the sauna on behalf of someone else arriving later.

The length of a sauna visit for one party is one hour, which does not include the time it takes to heat the sauna. It is a good idea to inform the next party, if you are finished before your hour is up.

You can only throw freshwater on the sauna stones (water you have brought with your, rainwater, water from the well). Throwing seawater on the stones is prohibited. Seawater damages and corrodes the stove.

Always empty the ashes out of the stove into the ash bucket outside before heating the sauna.

Sauna users are expected to keep the sauna clean. It is a good idea to clean and tidy the sauna whilst heating it and after you finish. The necessary equipment for cleaning the sauna benches, floors and buckets can be found in the sauna/dressing room.

Do not use soap or shampoo when you wash yourself in the sea. If you use soap in the sauna/shower, make sure that it is phosphate-free and biodegradable, such as products marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Do not wash laundry or dishes in the sauna or on the beach by the sauna.

Please leave firewood for the next user.

The last sauna user of the night checks that the ventilation hatches/window are left open. It is important to leave the sauna to air and dry overnight.

Remember to respect the privacy of those in the sauna.

Enjoy your sauna visit!