In addition to nature adventures, Uuvi also offers its visitors sauna experiences. Our self-service saunas on Byxholmen, Pikku Leikosaari and Stora Halsö in the archipelago of Kopparnäs-Störsvik Recreation Area are always open and available to all visitors.

There are certain shared rules to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit to the saunas. A sauna shift must always be booked in writing in the sauna book, even if there were no other sauna users around. The length of a sauna visit is limited to one hour. If it takes you less time to enjoy and tidy up the sauna after you, you can let the next in line know.

On Byxholm and Stora Halsö, there is a well whose water is suited to throwing on the stones in the sauna. Pikku Leikosaari sauna visitors must come equipped with their own freshwater for the stove, because there is no well on the island. Throwing seawater on the stones is prohibited. Salt water quickly ruins the heat source by damaging and corroding it.

Sauna visitors are responsible for ensuring that the sauna remains pleasant, in other words that it is kept clean and tidy. There is cleaning equipment available for tidying, which should be done whilst heating the sauna and after your visit. The ash box must always be emptied before lighting the stove.

If you wish to use cleaning products in the sauna, we recommend phosphate-free and biodegradable ones such as the products marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Using soap or shampoo in the sea upsets the tummies of sea creatures, so please ensure that you keep them out of the sea. The saunas are meant for bathing and enjoying, not for washing clothes or dishes.

On Byxholmen, the beach by the sauna is the best spot for canoeist to land. Naturally, they must be allowed to come ashore also when the sauna is occupied. However, it is important to respect those in the sauna by moving inland away from the beach and ensuring that your canoes do not occupy the entire beach.

Gölisnäs’ saunas

There are two saunas at Gölisnäs, which are available for visitors when the harbour is open. The saunas must be booked in advance from the area’s administrators, and there is a small fee for using them. Gölisnäs’ season has already come to an end. The saunas will be available to visitors again next summer.