Visitor information: Dos and don’ts

Being outdoors is amazing! And you can enjoy the fresh air, views, and nature’s wonders in many ways. Whether you prefer to lie on the smooth sea cliffs or want to feel the adrenaline rush mountain biking along forest trails, you are welcome in Uuvi’s outdoor recreation areas.

To make sure Uuvi’s recreational areas by kinds of visitors for years to come, there are some guidelines we ask our visitors to follow. The guidelines are listed below. The most important thing is consider your fellow visitors, nature, and any property in the areas. Leave no trace and be kind.

Thanks to the so-called ‘everyman’s right’, anyone living in or visiting Finland has the freedom to recreationally use of natural areas such as forests and fells and Finland’s many lakes and rivers. There are, however, a few restrictions. This allows people to walk, ski or cycle in areas other than private gardens and land that has a specific use (for example cultivated fields, plantations, and orchards). The principle of open access must be followed in Uuvi’s areas too. Please remember, though, that with such great public access rights come great responsibility.


  • Campfires may only be made at the designated campfire sites. Campfire sites are marked on the area map. Making a campfire of any kind is strictly forbidden when there is a forest fire warning in place. It is a good idea to check the current forest fire warnings before planning your visit to an Uuvi area.
  • Wood burning camping stoves are compared to open fire because of the flying sparks and they are forbidden in Uuvi areas.
  • Cutting down or damaging trees is not allowed. Wood for campfire is provided in the woodsheds maintained by Uuvi. You may also bring your own firewood.
  • The principle of litter-free hiking must be complied with in all of Uuvi’s outdoor recreation areas. Visitors are responsible for taking away everything they bring with them. Some of Uuvi’s areas have waste bins at the starting points of the routes or in the parking areas. Please remember that your visit should leave no trace and make sure to leave all of the areas you visit in good condition.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash all year long. Special permission is required in order to have pets off the leash (Section 3 of the Hunting Act / metsästyslaki 53 §).
  • Dogs or other animals are not permitted to swim on the swimming sites.
  • Short overnight stays are permitted in any area where access is otherwise allowed (for example you may put up a tent, but not too close to people’s homes). Some restrictions apply in areas such as the nature conservation areas, where overnight stays are not permitted. Restrictions are told in areas’ destination information.
  • In Porkkalanniemi outdoor recreation area short overnight stays are recommended only near the official campfire sites. In Lähteelä outdoor recreation area there is a small fee for camping.
  • Visitors are not permitted to camp in parking areas.
  • Driving a motor vehicle off the road without the landowner’s permission is forbidden. Parking a motor vehicle off-road is also forbidden.
  • While picking wild berries and mushrooms is allowed, collecting moss, lichen, soil or wood is forbidden.
  • Disturbing birds and other animals is also forbidden. Avoid landing on areas where birds nest during the nesting season (5 April−31 July), such as the many small islands around the Uuvi recreation areas. Keep your distance and avoid making noise and big waves with your boat, when driving around nesting areas.
  • Everyone is permitted to fish with a rod and line and through a hole in the ice during winter. For lure fishing, anglers aged 18-64 years must pay a fisheries management fee, which gives them licence to fish with one rod. And exception to this applies to anglers who are fishing for European whitefish from the shoreline in any of Uuvi’s nautical areas. These persons are permitted to use three rods when they have paid the fisheries management fee. Uuvi’s nautical areas are marked on the area maps. Permanent traps, such as nets or wire fish-traps, are not allowed in Uuvi’s nautical areas. For more information about fishing in Finland, please visit Fishing in Finland and Erä
  • We kindly ask all visitors to stick to the established trails and tracks where possible, to help prevent unnecessary terrain erosion.
    For more information about the Everyman’s right in Finland, please visit Everyman’s Rights.