Uuvi, the Helsinki-Uusimaa Outdoors association wishes to welcome everyone to its recreation areas regardless of the visitor’s language! Our new English website is now live to serve our non-Finnish or Swedish speaking visitors.

Uuvi offers destinations for recreation and outdoor activities. Our maintained recreation areas have services such as campfire sites, dry toilets, jetties, saunas and marked trails. All services in the recreation areas are free for everyone to use. In addition, some areas also offer for example rowing boats and cottages for rent.

Uuvi has almost 40 recreation areas. The website helps our visitors to find the best destination for themselves. One can use filters, such as location or type, to find matches. You can choose either a map view or a list view for the results.

Uuvi’s destinations are suitable for all kinds of activities from mushroom picking to boating, bird watching, and mountain biking. Each destination includes a description with information about the activities the area is best suited for. The description includes maps for getting there, as well as area maps to help plan the visit. There is information about each destination’s accessibility to ensure that everyone can choose a suitable destination for themselves. The descriptions also include photos of the actual area.

From the website, you can find Visitor information: Dos and don’ts. Please be aware of them. There are answers to frequently asked questions that explain, for example, that you can light a fire only at a designated campfire site.

The news section will have updates about important information for visitors. Uuvi will gradually add more information to the descriptions about services and such in each area when they undergo changes.

You will find Uuvi’s contact information from our website. We appreciate receiving your feedback and suggestions for improvement!