Destination information

There are a number of protected areas in the northern part of the park: Pitkäkoski grove, Haltiala primeval forest, Niskala arboretum, Ruutinkoski rapids and Vantaanjoki riverbank.

The only campfire site in Helsinki Central Park is in Haltiala. If you want to make a fire, you have to bring your own coal or firewood.

There are signposts along the main routes and crossroads in the park. There are also many paths criss-crossing the park. Some of the routes are turned into cross-country skiing tracks in the snowy season.


The Maunula nature trail is 3 km long and starts at the Maunula cabin and travels past the Maunula urn cemetery. 

The Niskala arboretum in Haltiala can be explored by studying the information boards or following the Know Your Trees path.

Laakso poetry tour: Right at the centre of the city is a forest where big spruce trees grow and flying squirrels thrive. The trail goes past stables. The easy-to-walk route is 2.5 km long. It can be walked in any order or just partly.


Helsinki Central Park includes numerous recreational trails of which many are accessible. More tips on the accessibility of the area.