There is a variety of destinations for outdoor activity including different recreation areas as well as national parks and other nature reserves. During the current outdoor recreation boom, many of the best-known nature sites can get excessively busy. Thus, people are looking for ideas and inspiration for alternative outdoor options. Information about destinations and their services is often scattered and surprisingly difficult to find. The new website, revamped in cooperation with different actors, has been created to suit the needs of people interested in different forms of outdoor recreation and to make it easier to find the different alternatives on Uusimaa.

To improve the situation, the parties that maintain the outdoor recreation areas have combine the information of their different destination on The cooperation parties are Espoo, Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Sipoo, Vantaa, Vihti as well as Metsähallitus and Helsinki-Uusimaa Outdoors Uuvi.

The close to 100 recreation areas on the website includes both inland forests and lakes as well as rocky islands and sandy beaches by the sea. The areas and their services are suited to versatile outdoor recreation from barbecuing to mountain biking. The site is regularly updated as we add more destinations and services there.

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The idea behind developing has been to offer more information on outdoor destinations in one place. The website provides information about the different outdoor options, how to get to the destination and the best ways to move about in the area. The destinations are depicted in words, images and maps. The website offers information on how to operate in the area, explains its rules and regulations and tells about any potential forest fire warnings in place there.

“We believe that all the necessary information for a successful outing is now easily available at the right time and in the right place. We hope that this will inspire people to explore new areas,” Uuvi’s specialist planner Silva Sallamaa says. The website is maintained by Helsinki-Uusimaa Outdoors Uuvi, which aims to safeguard and develop people’s opportunities for outdoor recreation, activities and sports. The Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council also participated in the website development.