Uuvi has an extensive network of destinations for those travelling on boats. Some of the harbours are also suitable for bigger yachts, whilst others are accessible only on smaller boats. Nautical charts available for downloading on each recreation area’s website help you land your boat. We have listed below a couple of areas, which will get you started with Uuvi’s marine destinations.

We are expecting the summer’s boating season to be popular due to the coronavirus-related restrictions. It is good to keep in mind that there may not always be room on jetties or buoys to moor your boat. We recommend that you avoid the most popular harbours and choose more remote islands as your destinations. It is important to avoid close contact with other boaters and attend to hygiene at the campfire sites, in toilets and on jetties.

The same rules apply on islands as on the mainland. You can build a fire only at the campfire sites marked on the map, and firewood for the fire may only be taken from the woodshed. Dogs are welcome on Uuvi’s islands, but they must be kept on a leash. Nature on the islands is often fragile, and many birds nest there and may be frightened by our furry friends.

Lillfjärden with its many harbours

The Lillfjärden Recreation Area, consisting of three islands, is welcoming to canoeists and boaters alike. Uuvi’s area in Hästö offers pleasant surroundings from the jetty to the campfire site. There is also a small sandy beach, ideal for taking a dip in the sea. Fallholmen is the rockiest of the three islands but boasts great camping spots for those planning on spending a night. Hamnholmen is the largest of Lillfjärden’s islands and a place to enjoy a quiet walk in the forest on a carpet of moss. All the islands in Lillfjärden Recreation Area also feature break areas with an option for lighting a campfire, so there is plenty to choose from if one island’s mooring places have all already been taken.

Ancient Bockhamn

The lagoon-like Bockham may go unnoticed for a busy boater because the entry to the strait is surprisingly narrow. It is believed that even the Vikings used Bockham on their travels, and you can easily believe it when you see this magnificent natural harbour. Jetties on both sides of the lagoon help mooring in the area. Both shores have an info board, campfire site, woodshed and a toilet.

Three cronies: Brokholmen, Bredholmen and Norra Sandö

These three cronies outside Pelling are all excellent destination for an outing on a boat. If the mooring places in one are full, you do not need to go far in search of another. Brokholmen charms its visitors with its enormous rocks and magnificent sandy beach. The island has a jetty, which makes mooring easy. Bredholmen disguises an untouched spruce forest where the trunks of old trees lying on a bed of moss murmur tales from a bygone era. Arriving at Norra Sandö’s narrow esker island makes you feel like you had just landed on an adventure island from a classic book and could even find a treasure chest washed up on the beach. All three islands have one or more campfire sites and toilets.

Nature island Stora Brändö

Stora Brändö’s bird tower offers vistas over a marine landscape full of activity during the spring. It provides a chance to take a peek at birds’ nesting on the beaches and islets of the bird protection area opening out in front of the island. You will find the tower to the south of the island as you follow the path weaving across the rocks and through the spruce forest. Stora Brändö has two campfire sites of which one is located right next to the jetty. Close to the more northern campfire site, there are many excellent spots to pitch your tent in the courtyard of the long-gone fisherman’s hut.

Sandy beaches of Stora Fagerö

The heart-shaped Stora Fagerö enchants visitors with the sandy beach covering its entire northern point. The beach offers an easy place for landing your boat, and you can spread a picnic blanket right there next to the seaside scenery. You can also moor your boat on the jetty, and there is a campfire site for cooking your picnic food. You can admire gulls soaring the skies or the surge of water as you sit back and relax. Stora Fagerö Island with its sandy beaches is an important nature area, which is part of the Natura nature conservation network.

Byxholmen and its sauna

Byxholmen is located right by Ekenäs National Park in splendid maritime scenery. The island’s attractions also include a sauna, which is a great addition to a canoeing expedition, a fishing trip or to island hopping. The sauna and the other services in the area, such as the campfire sites, are located on the main island. The area also includes Lilla Byxholmen, which is just a stone’s throw away across a narrow strait. After experiencing the sea voyage to the island, the sauna and the wilderness around you, you feel like you’d been on a bigger trip.