Destination information

The Uuvi recreation area is on the north end of Sandö island and Sandökobben islet. Landing is easiest on the western side of the island where there is a rocky cape and mooring rings and buoys. A nautical chart is essential around the area’s rocky waters. There are two campfire sites and toilets in the area.

Sandö island represents the archipelago at its most beautiful and boasts the best of the archipelago nature. The habitat in the area is very vulnerable and visitors are kindly asked to treat the area with care and respect to ensure it is conserved for many years to come.


There are no unobstructed services in Norra Sandö. The terrain is mostly flat but is soft and sandy underfoot.

Additional information

There are two neighbouring Uuvi outdoor recreation areas in the same part of the Pellinki archipelago as Norra Sandö — Brokholmen and Bredholmen.