Destination information

Notice: The well water contains bacteria and is not suitable for drinking.

Brokholmen is situated on the eastern side of the Pellinki island community on the Porvoo peninsula. Access via the nearby waterway. There is a jetty and a few mooring buoys on the south-western side of the island. There is also an old pier, suitable for larger boats. Brokholmen is a pleasant destination for paddlers and it can be reached from west through rather sheltered route. There are plenty of landing places for kayaks around the island.

Brokholmen is suitable for overnight visits and there are plenty of sites to pitch a tent. Visitors should note that the well water on the island has been determined to be undrinkable (7/2019). Campfire sites are located on the eastern side of the island and firewood is provided. The island’s information board is situated near the jetty.

The best way to discover what Brokholmen has to offer is to take a walk along the track that surrounds the island. The southern side of the island is designated as a nature conservation area and visitors are kindly asked to stay on the track to protect the fragile flora and fauna in this area.

The Brokholmen recreation area also includes two smaller islands ––the Rocky Lilla-Brokholmen and Brokholmsören islet. There are no services on these islands.


A ramp leading up from the Brokholmen jetty toward the beach offers relatively easy access to the campfire sites on the eastern side of the island. There is a dry toilet on the island, but visitors should notice that this is unfortunately not easily accessible by persons with extra mobility requirements. The narrow track around the island goes through soft sand and rocky terrain is steep in places.

Additional information

There is an old sandblasting site at the centre of Brokholmen. This was in use in the early 20th century and the 1950s. It is thought that small sail boats were used to transport sand all the way to Helsinki for use in the construction of the Finnish capital. Signs of the island’s industrial history can be seen in the wooded pits and the old sand loading pier, which extends to a depth of around 17 metres. There are two neighbouring Uuvi recreation areas nearby — Bredholmen, 700 metres away to the east, and Norra Sandö, which is 1.5 kilometres away to the south.