Destination information

Approximately one half of the island is owned by the City of Espoo. A ferry service stops at the archipelago museum’s jetty to the north-east of the island during the summer months.

The museum’s jetty also includes 10 places for guest boats. Mooring is allowed for up to 4 hours. Overnight stays on the island or moored to the jetty are not permitted.

Pentala’s nature reserve puts restrictions on activities on the island. Making a fire and smoking are prohibited. Landing a motor vessel on Diksand’s sandy beach is also forbidden. However, the beach is suited to canoeists.

Diksand’s sandy beach and Lake Pentalanjärvi’s north-eastern point are good spots for enjoying a swim.


The nature trail is 2.3 km.


The courtyard of the archipelago museum and some of its buildings are accessible.

Additional information

Maritime Espoo is at its best on the Pentala island. The archipelago museum introduces life in the archipelago in different ways: housing, working, life in a villa and leisure time. The museum area consists of more than ten different buildings. The oldest of them, a fisherman’s hut, dates back to the early 1790s. Information about the archipelago museum and its services.

The island also features the archipelago restaurant Paven.