Destination information

Pikku Leikosaari (Lilla Lekholmen on the nautical chart) is suitable for paddling or/and after-work boating destination. The island can be reached by the nearby waterways and is only approximately 6 kilometres from Puotila and Vuosaari harbours. Even though the island is located in the inner archipelago, there are still some open waters to cross to reach it.

There are plenty of mooring rings around the island apart from at the southern end. A couple of mooring buoys can be found on the eastern side of the island. Some of the mooring sites are on steep rock, and agility and courage come in handy! Visitors should note that the water off the south-eastern side of the island is relatively deep. Boaters are also kindly reminded that that the swimming dock on the eastern side of the island is not for mooring.

Pikku-Leikosaari’s sauna is open all-year-round and it is self-service. You can reserve a sauna turn by registering in the sauna notebook, which can be found in the letterbox attached to the sauna building. Please note that sea water must not be used in the sauna as it rusts the stove. Please bring your own freshwater with you to use it in the sauna. Please get to know Uuvi’s sauna regulations.

There are several campfire sites on Pikku Leikosaari and there is a firewood shelter on the eastern side of the island. The area’s dry toilet is in the middle of the island. The area’s information board is close to the swimming dock.


There are no unobstructed services on the area due to its topology. The tracks are all hilly and visitors should note that the glaciated rock is slippery when wet.